Motion Sensor Bin


About Nine Stars Australia

Established in 1999, Nine Stars is the first company to adopt, successfully patent and manufacture its motion sensor technology onto bins. We have since evolved to transform environments by improving hygiene in a stylish and intuitive way to make life easier and everyday chores more enjoyable.

Our skilled in-house design and engineering team strive to provide excellent and innovative household products using high quality materials to ensure durability and longevity of our products…


Our customers are saying…


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Our vision is to bring you a cleaner, hassle free environment and make everyday chores fun again!


The Ultimate Kitchen Aid

Seal unpleasant odours and prevent cross-contamination with seamless touch-free operation

Office & Living

Live And Work In Style

No longer the eye sore of the room but a stylish addition to the living space

Bathroom & Babies

Hygienic Bathrooms & For The Little Ones

A germ-free and odour-free home is a healthier home for the family

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