About Nine Stars

est. 1999

Nine Stars Australia

Established in 1999, Nine Stars is the first company to adopt, successfully patent and manufacture its motion sensor technology onto rubbish bins.

Nine Stars patented sensor bin is a revolutionary product, perfect for both commercial and general use, its ability to transform environments by improving hygiene in a stylish and intuitive way makes life easier and everyday chores more enjoyable.

Nine Stars has dedicated over 20 years of professional research and manufacturing to ensure that every Nine Stars rubbish bin is a visual, mechanical and electronic integration of high-tech and high-quality materials. Nine Stars rubbish bins have adopted strong anti-interference technology, dynamic energy saving circuit technology, high-precision gear technology, buffer cover technology, descending mute cover technology, planetary gear technology, standby energy-saving mode technology, anti-fingerprint technology, molding technology and many more. These patented technologies provide users with an all-rounded experience and undoubtedly making Nine Stars a leader in the sensor rubbish bin industry.

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We have you covered wherever you are

With our manufacturing headquarters in China, Global Sales office in Pomona, California, plus worldwide distribution centres located in Europe, North America, and Asia - we have now expanded to supply Australian homes and businesses to ensure we have you covered wherever you are.

Trusted by household names such as Walmart, Costco, The Home Depot and Amazon, Nine Stars products are currently supplied in Europe, Asia and the US regions and is now available in Australia. Nine Stars Australia will strive to stock and provide our customers with the full range of Nine Stars products. If there is a product of interest that we are yet to stock, please contact us as we would love to hear from you!